Virtual Assistants can save you time and money

Hi there,

My name is Ashleigh, LCB Administrative Solutions is a new venture of mine as a Virtual Assistant based in Brisbane. I have found that many are not aware what a Virtual Assistant does, or how we can provide a great benefit to small business.

Modern technology means going through the struggles of finding, hiring and maintaining employees to work in the office is no longer a necessity for every role and for every business.

Hiring as many Virtual Assistants as you need to perform general and specialised tasks without the need to employ someone on the books, without the need to have a bigger office to accommodate more staff, is a great way to save time and money.

Often, there is a cross over period where there is not enough work for an extra employee, yet the workload is unmanageable, a Virtual Assistant can help ease the load on a short or long term basis, having a Virtual Assistant available for covering sick, annual and maternity leave is also a great way to utilise the services that are on offer.

Head over to my website, and check out the services I provide to see if I may be able to help you.


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