Growing your Small Business with the help of a Virtual Assistant

Running your own small business, whether you are offering a product or service, can be the most rewarding yet time consuming (well, aside from kids) thing you will do.

If your business grows in the way you dreamed of, you will find yourself not being able to keep on top of even the most simplest of things – like calling back a customer – and it is a detriment to your business. Not calling a potential new customer back turns them away, imagine if you were calling a potential new supplier and could not reach them? It does not leave a great picture of that company. In Australia, great customer service is crucial to success.

Often, small business owners find themselves doing so many things to keep their business running that they do not have the time to focus on growing their business. Allowing your business to grow beyond your own ability requires you to let go. Let go of control. Let go of the small tasks. Let go of the things you are not particularly good at.

Outsourcing and delegating is crucial to growth:

  • Engage an administrator, administrators are great as they know all the tips and tricks to do things much faster than most small business owners can. A good administrator will know how to help support your business in ways you did not know existed.

  • Engage someone to manage your social media, whether that is simply replying to messages and comments, or from a marketing perspective to create posts on your behalf.

  • Engage a bookkeeper, why spend hours doing all the accounts that you could pay someone to do.

  • Engage an IT support person, having support with technology when you need it will save you spending ridiculous amounts of time connecting the printer after it had a meltdown and so on.

A Virtual Assistant can often tick many of these boxes, it isn’t always a one size fits all, but there are many Virtual Assistants who work together to get the job done without you having to find that “one size fits all” VA. Hire a VA and often if it is outside of their scope, it can be solved with ease due to the VA network within Australia.

I have worked within administration, customer service, sales support roles for 17 years, working behind a computer becomes second nature. Working with many different systems and software programs over these years has given me the ability to pick up new software fast, which as a VA, is very helpful as there is less time training and more time working! More time working means more time for you to grow your business.

I hope you are able to take some time out from your business if you are struggling, breathe and start moving forward to grow your business.

If I may be able to help support you in your business, head over to my website to see the services I offer and we can discuss further.

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